Chinese government bans iPad and Macbook – after Windows 8

We’ve just posted the following news: Chinese government bans iPad and Macbook – after Windows 8[newsimage][/newsimage]

Chinese government agencies ares no longer allowed to purchase Apple iPads and Macbooks for security reasons.

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Sounds like a sensible precaution. :iagree:

Wonder if they will release PLA Linux to the public when it’s ready?

Would be a good test of how easy it is to find backdoors in open source software (they’re bound to slip a few of their own in). :bigsmile:

[Apple] has stated before that it doesn’t cooperate with secret agencies and doesn’t build in backdoors in their hardware and software."

IDK about Macintosh, but Apple’s hanheld i-Things have been known to contain backdoors, such as the one that allows Apple to delete the users’ apps whenever they want, for years. Also, if the US government wants to (mis)use those backdoors, I don’t know if Apple has any say in whether the govenment can/can’t do so. Also, according to this article: “Apple can, and regularly does, remotely extract some data from iPhones for the state”.

I do wander if Apple will be able to continue to oporate those Chinese sweat shops responsible for manufacturing those i-Things.

For security reasons, Chinese government should have banned all the Foreign brands. Obviously it didn’t.

The real reason…

The list that created the confusion this week involves energy-saving products, and is just one of a multitude of government procurement lists in China. Apple has never been on that list, the company said in emailed comments on Friday, declining to give more details.