Chinese government aims to replace Windows by Linux in 2020



We’ve just posted the following news: Chinese government aims to replace Windows by Linux in 2020[newsimage][/newsimage]
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There goes my shares of Microsoft. :bigsmile:


Not that Microsoft makes shareware. :smiley:

All bad jokes aside, I wish I could convince my workplace to do the same. When XP expired, there was a fear in the managment that this would be as big an issue as Y2K. So, we bought the cheapest Windows 7 machines we could, when installing Xubuntu or Lubuntu probably would have been safer (as these cheap machines haven’t been 100% reliable), and quicker.


Can hardly wait to have a new laptop with Ubuntu (or some other Linux flavour) installed instead of Windoze.Will save a lot of time not having to nuke Windoze completely and repartitioning and reformating the drive.
As a bonus, there will be Linux drivers for even the most obscure hardware.