Chinese factory workers leak iPhone 5S photos

I just posted the article Chinese factory workers leak iPhone 5S photos.

Chinese factory workers leak exclusive iPhone 5S preproduction photos

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From now on, when I hear anything about fingerprint scanners, I think about the evil forces behind Sony, and there anti-secondhand BS.

So, the iCrap is getting a fingerprint sensor? I had that two years ago with my Motorola Atrix 4G. Leave it to Apple to “innovate” by catching up to where the rest of the world was years ago. Of course, the fanbois will eat it up, and the press will cream their shorts over it as it if was Teh Bestest Thing Evah…

Fingerprints get redirected to the National Database at a secret location. Talk about paranoid. LOL. ;):bigsmile::bigsmile:

Yeah Isupply, it REALLY cost $200+ to build that… even with 64gb of RAM, give me a friggin break… keep lying for apple…

I am SHOCKED at the cynicism listed above! SHOCKED! Good grief - just look at those great photos! NOW I’ll know how to recognize all those parts as they lay smashed in the busy street intersection, in front of my shop!

“That looks like a 4… no, wait… 5? Wow - lookee - a new 5S!”

I can’t believe you narrow-minded cynics can’t see how incredibly useful THAT will be!


I’m wondering how long it will take for someone to figure out that you can override the thumbprint reader with a piece of tape and/or gum. Or a report of someone not being able to call 911 because they can’t keep their finger still and sweat free.

And now apple will have access to a worldwide database of finger prints …

It’s not like apple patented ‘a bug’ to track users or anything …

Hello, 911. What is your emergency?

“Help! I’ve just put out a serious kitchen-fire but I’ve burned my hands - send an ambulance!”

Sir, that’s a new Apple iPhone with fingerprint ID. We won’t accept your call as legitimate without fingerprint ID and activation.

“My hands are too badly burned!!”

Sorry, sir, Sony might sue us if we allowed someone to mod their iPhone and use it. It sounds like you need Applie Tech Support first. Shall I connect you? It’s only $10… You DO have DRM turned on, right? We wouldn’t want to offend MPAA or RIAA, just in case they see files stores on your iPhone that they don’t authorize.

Once upon a time…

…we were only worried about nukes and offending Coca-Cola.