China treats Internet ‘addicts’ sternly...Electric Shock Treatment

Leaders see ‘a grave social problem’; treatment includes electric shocks

"DAXING, China - Sun Jiting spends his days locked behind metal bars in this military-run installation, put there by his parents. The 17-year-old high school student is not allowed to communicate with friends back home, and his only companions are psychologists, nurses and other patients. Each morning at 6:30, he is jolted awake by a soldier in fatigues shouting, “This is for your own good!”

Sun’s offense: Internet addiction."

:rolleyes: They would need to use high voltage on me.

Let’s see if that cures everybody here of their CDFreaks addiction! :bigsmile:


I’m flying to Shanghai on Monday for a 3 week stay - if you never hear from me again, you know what has happened :eek:

I hope you have an excellent trip and an interesting stay in Shanghai! :flower:
(not in the Chinese curse kind of way)

If…I mean when you get back…please tell us about the experience.

Didn’t touch me :wink:

You used one of those god-awful chinese toilets?


  1. Take your OWN roll of toilet paper … if you ask for it at pay-to use toilets, they charge you 2 yuan for two (2) single ply sheets. A whole roll at any supermarket costs about 3 yuan :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Those seat protectors everyone uses on public toilets in civilised countries won’t work in china. There are no seats.
  3. Make sure you have a map indicating all Macdonalds eateries on the way to & from, and around the general areas you are going to. They are marginally cleaner than others. They are merely incredibly filthy by western standards, a bit like truck stop toilets.
  4. If you pay 10 Yuan (about $1-2 of any European/US/Ozi currency) to get into anything (like museums/etc) the toilets will only be dirty by western standards, but spotless by chinese standards, and they have as much two/three ply toilet paper you could ever need :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Don’t drink the water from the taps … bottled water is CHEAP & probably won’t kill you.
  6. Coca-Cola costs roughly the same in china, as it does in other countries. Aka $2eu = equiv price in china, not 2 yuan :stuck_out_tongue:

LMAO!! I’m beginning to think you’re a bit soft debro :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:
Dirty toilets don’t really bother me a lot - I often spend upto 4 months a year living in India and apparently (according to my boss who has to travel even more than I do) China is a huge, massive, enormous improvement over India. You can’t usually even buy toilet paper at the places in India… so I have already packed a couple of rolls extra :bigsmile:

Thanks for the travel tips tho :flower:

Thankyou :slight_smile: I expect I’ll be having “interesting times” in a more Terry Pratchett way thought :eek: I’ll be in Shanghai for a couple of free days, which should be good, but the rest of the time I’ll be out in an industrial area working on a manufacturing plant where only my translator will speak English. It may not be much fun :frowning:

Will do :iagree: Hopefully I’ll be able to post while I’m away - otherwise I’ll go completely insane (even without the electric shock nonsense) as I won’t have anyone to talk to for 3 weeks!

Apparently you haven’t been in USA at some of the gas stations ,lake restrooms,rest stops, etc…here :bigsmile: Your lucky to find the cardboard center of a roll of toilet paper anywhere. Just don’t use poison ivy when you need something :disagree:

Nope :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s whatevers all over the toilet … err … pits :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh … a clothes peg wouldn’t hurt either … or a gas mask :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s winter, so it protects you from chapped lips too :stuck_out_tongue:

Rules for using Chinese-style toilets:
1/ Before entering buy roll of toilet paper. Think of sweet-smelling flowers and keep thought in mind.
2/ Upon entering note well where position markers are for feet…aim is everything!
3/ Hang on for dear life and squat.
4/ Gentleman…this is not a reading room, like back at home…your hands will be hanging on to the grips on the wall (if any) and your dunny paper…not a newspaper.
5/ Say three “Hail Marys” and then "bombs away."
6/ After necessary after-adjustments, exit quickly, stage left. Hope there is a tap for hand washing.
7/ Phew, you made it!

Dude … I went to some toilets in a chinese market … I’m never gonna forget it :stuck_out_tongue:

One the left, the toilets to pee in … on the right … pay to use loos with cubicles.
A huge (2ft wide, 3ft deep) trough runs through the left section, chucks a u-turn and then passes through the middle of each of the stalls of the right section.

You DON’T want to touch the walls. It’s obvious that many people don’t pay the cash (extra, in addition to the entry fee) for the toilet paper.

Also, there was no flush button. Flushing depends on patronage in the left section.

Wash basin? What’s that? Just use your left hand.

:bigsmile: LOL! You guys are funny :slight_smile:
Those squat toilets don’t bother me too much- I’ve used them in plenty of places before (including on a moving train, which was an exercise in zen-like balance).
I also don’t take the chance with hand washing facilities and just carry a travel sized anti-bacterial hand-sanitizing liquid (that’s my top travel tip :iagree:)