China to develop new format based on HD-DVD

I just posted the article China to develop new format based on HD-DVD.

This is
interesting. According to the peoples Daily Online, the Chinese are not
just focusing on the FVD red laser technology any more. Without a single …

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“The Chinese format will produce higher definition, better sound and safer way for copyright protection” Translating from Chinese: it will be safe to find a workaround and then copy it once we get hold of hollywood capitalist mass propaganda:B

Hmm, since most new optical drives will be sourced mainly from mainland china, one can expect a versatile multiformat drive, to read and write in all formats available at a favourable cost!

man I tell you what, I will be shocked if Hollywood gives them any content for these media, just because it’s like here you go here is our digital masters “be gentle”

I am pretty sure they are doing this for there own movies and not the crap from Hollywood. China does have a pretty descent movie market of there own and I am sure Bollywood would be produce movies in that format.

gees man betyter take that chinese class quick then be nice to see hollywood fall to its greedy knees