China set to launch CBHD blue laser disc



I just posted the article China set to launch CBHD blue laser disc.

China is set to begin volume production of its new HD optical disc format CBHD (China Blue High-definition Disc) in the 4th quarter of this year with Shanghai United Optical Disc being the first…

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Who gets the 55 Yuian royalty?? :confused:


Yeah, I thought it was “From each, according to their ability. To each, according to their need.” What individual person or entity could possibly need that money? The royalty must go to the Chinese government to pay for Chinese missile warheads.


Here we go again!

JohnnyJT :cool:
South Philly


Okay, the royalties probably go to support the Chinese government free universal accupuncture care program.


Hey, that was me above. I just entered my email address wrong.


Doh! Those were both me above. I forgot to log in. What a dolt.


More money for the Chinese version of HD DVD means less money for Blu-ray. I wish them well.



I admit that it would be nice if at least 3 big studios went over to this format to give it a better run but I have a feeling that Blu is still going to dominate. I am not an anti blu guy or anything just s theory that I think which is another format (CHBD) will die just like HD-DVD did. We need to really just move forward no matter if we like the outcome or not. As far as the Need to upgrade hardware for the true PQ of BD well that means nothing and doesn’t even hold water as we are in the US that is having to buy a digital TV to keep up or be able to watch TV after 2009 of Feb.


No-one cares about this format, it will die just like the EVD did.


I doubt very much that this format will even get outside China. This isn’t their first HD disc format and none of them came out of China.


If CBHD want studio support, first thing studio gone check how much DRM it can take. If at all.