China has super corrective DVD player made for pirated goods

I just posted the article China has super corrective DVD player made for pirated goods.

  This is hard to believe, the Sunday Morning Herald is reporting that a very hot  selling DVD  player in China is designed from the ground up to  play poor quality, pirated materials, even...
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My friends dvd player is a name brand, cost him $ 480, he has trouble playing backups and even the occasional original…forget mp3’s…mine cost $ 70 and plays everything I put in it…I guess when your bottom line is the dollar and your selling speil is “pay my price or piss off”…you tend to forget that the less well off like to watch dvd’s too… :X

Hi Sherrif, I think we can deduce from this article that many of the chips we get are not tolerant of any errors. And that it is a parameter that can be set. Cheaply.
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Keep this in your mind when DRM is forced on the world. Buying a brand name in China makes you look like a fool. I’m so glad China is around, some day I’ll buy my computer and all electronics from them too. Intel & AMD can pay to develop the IP for the next generation CPUs and then some little company in China can bribe someone for the IP and start to make “special” versions of the CPUs with ‘broke’ DRM support.

correct me if im wrong here, if dvds were 20 yaun each, and the average joe blo (sorry, joe wang;)) earns 1000 yuan a week, that means hypotheticely that he could buy 50 DVDs a week, if he wanted, now i can assure you that my average weekly wage would not go anywhere near the ability to buy 50 dvds a week??? sounds to me that they are not so hard done by cheers :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

MrJoshua- that’s exactly what I was thinking! at my current wage and hours I couldn’t buy that in 6 weeks of work
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can I buy one of these in the usa anywhere?

Reading this I want to buy one or more. Just because I am a fan of Mr FAN.

me too

me three. Where can I buy one of these? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the 1000 yuan is the average monthly income, not weekly income. No way for an average joe to make 4000 to 5000 yuan a month in China.

Here you can have a preview OR go to select “new products”

Now all it needs is MPEG4/DiVX/XviD support and a place to buy it abroad and we are laughing.