China defends 'Internet management' tactics against U.S. businesses



China defends ‘Internet management’ tactics against U.S. businesses.

[newsimage][/newsimage]China's decision to block web content it deems inappropriate or harmful has come under renewed U.S. scrutiny this week. According to Reuters, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu shirked off criticism that American sites were being treated unfairly. Instead, she framed the country's stance as fair and helpful to citizens.

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I think it’s more about controlling information then protecting their citizens. I’m sure more countries would love to do that sort of thing but many of them have individual freedom type laws and things that stop then from doing it.
Also if they don’t know somebody else other then local companies make a item they’d like they’ll never buy it and China can keep all the local business to themselves.


It just seems like china is conducting fiscal warfare on the rest of the world, and particularly the usa.

Blocking us businesses is just a small part of it. i don’t doubt that in the future china will dump it’s us bonds and currency to bankrupt the us goverment.