China complains imported pirate discs tarnishing their image

I just posted the article China complains imported pirate discs tarnishing their image.

China is often criticised from abroad for
trampling on artists copyrights. However, China says it is not them doing all
the pirating, in fact, they say they are an innocent victim much of the…

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Yeah! imported that’s the ticket. you see judge i didn’t put those “pirated” divx’s/mp3’s on my hard drive they were’imported’ :d

i dont htink its tarnishing their image… i wish china was close by california… id go there almost everyday look for some goodies… china… and asia in general is a fantasy island for bootleggers alike…

“China is the largest victim of pirated CDs,”…what a load of bullshit…WE all know it’s the RIAA and MPAA who own that title…jack and his girlfriend cary won’t like this…:X

What bullshit. But that’s what one would come to expect from that government. Having actually been in China, I know that it’s not “imported.”

Have you seen a China pirated music CDs? Look almost like originals (if not better!) but 1/4 of its price…

Suuuuure, it’s not China’s fault…Everybody picks on China for piracy, human rights violations, and dictatorial practices, but you’re all mislead…we’re just a country trying to make it in the world… (Excuse me while I :r )