China chops 42 million pirated disks in public spectacle



Must be awfully dirty on the streets… :slight_smile: “Look mom it’s snowing!”


I just posted the article China chops 42 million pirated disks in public spectacle.

Yahoo News tells us about an innovative use in the far east for the common woodchipper. It seem that while we slept, authorities across China have reduced more…

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They did that before, but it was few years back.


They should fight against corruptions, instead of destroying these “goods” that boost their economy…


Im sure the people who wanted to park their cars in that area will appreciate all that being there :B


“RIAA executives mutilated by millions of razor like shards in a horrific rickshaw accident in Bejing” producers of the show “Jackass” deny any involvement, public announcement from the shows legal staff saying merely “there is a God” … film at 11 wakes from dream :+
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Something new this time :d Last time, it was a steamroller :wink:


gee, software that costs half an average chinese worker’s yearly wage gets pirated. Who woulda thought? You can’t lose money on sales you can never make. "CCTV ran footage of noisy wood-chippers ? what the official Xinhua News Agency called “pulverizers” ? swallowing discs by the hundreds and spewing the remains of movies and music onto sidewalks and parking lots. " ------ Just great isn’t it? Litter all over the streets, kids. Wonderful! Everyone should do it, just to win some PR points with the rest of the world. In other news… 6 million new CDs were manufactured during the ‘ceremony’ :wink:


Actually if you look closer you will find they were AOL discs :slight_smile:


If it had been in the UK they would have been fined for dumping of trash;) That would have cost them a few million cus of all the little bits everywhere:B Hope all the nasty peeps involved got punctures in the tyres and their engines air box sucked in the sharads of shatter plastic and damaged them so it will of cost them in more than one way:g Just another country wanting to get themselves apraised by the press:r Greets The Diplomat:S


China ships 100 zillion pirate CDs/DVDs I’m sure this is a very small %