China bans opening new Internet cafes

"BEIJING, China (AP) – China will not allow any new Internet cafes to open this year, state media reported on Tuesday.

Xinhua News Agency said 14 government departments, including the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Information Industry, had issued a notice saying that “in 2007, local governments must not sanction the opening of new Internet bars.”

China bans opening new Internet cafes

China: Striking another blow for ignorance.

Hey, that’s strike 2!
Didn’t they send out idiots, with guns, in uniforms to incarcerate all their smart people, about 20yrs ago?

/me wonder what strike 3 will be :wink:

China needs for all of those 10 year old boys to get back to work in the factories and quit putzin’ around in those internet cafes. MUST HAVE MORE PRODUCTIVITY!!!

Yeah, they certainly don’t encourage computer and internet use here too much. Computers are very expensive, so it’s not like most people will ever get one at home.
They do have internet access in all the hotels though - it’s mainly for business use, but there are hotels everywhere here, so it’c certainly possible to get internet access.

I discovered today that Wikipedia is blocked by the Great Firewall.
Hummm… bit annoyed about that :rolleyes:

Lol! Ignorance is bliss … especially for big brother…err, I err …meant, the Chinese Government.