China and Russia pirates of the year

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A United State’s Trade Representative’s office said that China and Russia are among the world’s worst protectors of intelllectual property. In a so called Special 301 report, the two countries came…

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The title might as well be “stop Russia and China from tealing from us so we can steal better and more from consumers”. Both in electronic materials and in goods, the “fake industry” is driven by ridiculous prices that target consumers with money or who feel better walking around with overly expensive stuff. Most people don’t like that or can’t afford it and therefore fake the feeling for themselves to purchase fake goods… In terms of technology, region free players and such are a good thing. That’s not steeling but if copying DVD’s is discussed, it is sadly true. never the less, let them drop the prices and make steeling and all the work around that useless… Recently there was discussions here about “self destructing DVD’s or self erasing” at 30% of the usual prices while the industry always claimed the cost was affected by the production. Now they can press DVD’s at 30% of that cost and still make profit? Don’t get fooled. Eventually they are the fakes, aren’t they? Hypocrites… no other word for them complaining about fake goods… Kills jobs? Who believes that? All the goods are produced in countries where labor is paid a month what others earn a day…

Right on, Canada made the list. Makes me feel dirty. So VERY dirty. Bad Canucks. LOL. :+

Steal jobs?!?!?!? WTF- the jobs are over there! But, they only pay 25 cents an hour. What do they expect people to do, BUY something? Jeez, these corporaste fatcats ought to be happy they are making money hand over fist by selling out their own people and got a tax break to boot! Hell, most really big corporations in the US don’t even pay taxes any more. :r They let the dying middle class shoulder the burden with their puny paychecks. Too bad the United States are not as concerned with human rights as they are with “intellectual rights”. I guess they figure piracy is worse than opression. :r
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Crabbyappleton wrote"Too bad the United States are not as concerned with human rights as they are with “intellectual rights”. I guess they figure piracy is worse than opression" Well said…first time i’ve agreed with you.LOL :B

C’mere and give me a big hug! :+