Chili Peppers Rip off?

I have been surfing the internet, and came across this file

Apparently the chili peppers have ripped off a Tom Petty song… i have to admit the chord progression is exactly the same, and the vocals do sound similar. I am not entirely sure… but i would hope that they didnt… anyway what is your opinion?

Hell yes…no doubt in my mind. Now they need to do a video with Kim Basinger and it’s official.

110% rip off and they have the audacity to moan about the leaks of SA

I just think that the RHCP are sooooooo overrated anyhow. Each song sounds like the previous one. Every one to their own I know, but they’re not for me :disagree:

Their most recent album was the same song played over and over and over and over.

Kudo’s to them for successfully managing to change the lyrics though.

Usually artists make up the words & wrap music around it, which is a hell of a lot easier than deciding on music & then squeezing words into it.