Children of Men

Just watched it.

Some spoilers ahead.

[The story sucks, most harem anime would have a better story that this. They never explained why England is killing all the immigrants. If you don’t have new babies being born, wouldn’t you want to keep people in your country? And there was no explanation to why this woman can get pregnant, nothing. Was it cuz she’s a prostitute and got fucked a lot? lol. ]But man, the battle scenes are so nice, it’s like watching a live action CS when the England army and the Fish terrorists fight. The camera angle is very well done. Like usually they just use shaky camera, but this is not, it’s like watching other players play cs in third person view after you’re dead. That was cool. They should’ve make this a fps, not a movie. As a movie, I give it 5/10.


You don’t like loose ends, do you? :bigsmile:

Personally I was extremely impressed with this movie and consider it as one of the greatest achievements in the History if Cinema. :stuck_out_tongue: - but I don’t consider movies as illustrated stories but as audiovisual works. I don’ care that much about plots, stories and the like, unless it’s the purpose of the movie, which is not the case with COM. :disagree:
COm is all about subtext, symbols, satire, moral points and immersing into a credible audiovisual world. The story is thin on purpose.

COM was the last entry in my top-ten movies for all times.

I guess you’re right. I always like movies (or tv dramas, anime, etx) to have a somewhat conclusive ending. If this is a comedy I would have no problem with it not having a good plot, but this is supposed to be a series movie, so having a good plot would make it much more enjoyable imo. I just watched Blood Diamond over the weekend, I have to say, it’s a much better movie overall. The gun fights and war scenes in BD is inferior to CoM, but because it has a series and conclusive story, I enjoyed much more.