Childmolesters and more


I was listening to the news today and there was a report on the Norwegian customs having stopped some sex-inflatable-dolls looking very natural, apart from being a doll looking very much like a kid girl and I somehow gets carried away.

Sure, I am a predator and I’ll do whatever it takes to make you want me too, it stops there and I am willing to stop there and accept my defeat… so what’s wrong? If yourself is more important than the subject, are you aware that you will destroy a lifetime’s worth of joy (or torment if it would be your desire).

Ok, so it is a doll and so maybe she’ll rescue a few children from being molested or will it only trigger the hunger for the real thing in an egocentric rage?

I’ve always seen ‘red’ here. Of course I’ve fell in love with a 10 year old, I was 11, didn’t last - Me knew nothing, she neither, it simply picked up over the years :smile:

Now, I’ve heard a disturbing number here, 20% of males have sexual fantasies about children?! Is it even possible? Sane men are aware that we will be destroying any and all sexuality in the child by doing so… or am I insane?

Most of all, I would like to call out to anyone who think he (or she) could enjoy any of the above apart from the first paragraph (I’ll never deprive you any fantasy) to report back and fill in my ‘blanks’ :rolleyes:


Should be the first law of the entire world, hurt a child you die.