Child Lock

On a DMR-E55 I have a problem in that the child lock seems to be half on. I can access only half the stuff in Functions, but nothing in Direct Navigator, it won’t even come up. When the Functions box comes up there is a “Child Lock” box comes up. Has anyone any ideas? Thank you. :confused:

System restore to factory settings?

My ES15 has: RESTORE DEFAULT SETTINGS which should do the trick look in SETUP Menu

Thank you CCRomeo, I perhaps should have mentioned that it wont let me restore default settings. Every time I click yes in the default settings then OK it reverts to “no”.

Try pressing [STOP] and [POWER] keys simultaneously for five seconds.

Thanks LaserBurn, I’ll try that when I get home tomorrow.

It’s working again, however, I don’t know if it was LaserBurn’s suggestion or the swift kick my friend gave it that did the business. Thank you.

The kick more then likely. :bigsmile: