Requested by: Kerry56

After tremendous hardships, and very nearly having to grovel and have someone else post this poll, I have it in place. :slight_smile:

I have used ChiefValue in the past and have been pleased with their service. I have a package due in tomorrow from them, and will vote in the poll once I have inspected my order.

Chiefvalue is associated with Newegg, and is fairly close to them in customer service ratings. The one advantage to Chiefvalue is the fact that you can more often find coupons for them than Newegg. I saved $8 on this particular purchase over Newegg’s price.

The package came in a Newegg box, with a Newegg package list. Fast shipment, and no problems to report. :slight_smile:

I agree, having ordered from on a number of occasions and never regretted it. Seeing as how they are a NewEgg company, I figured early on that they’d be good to do business with. I will often order from them because the price might be the same as that at NewEgg, but ChiefValue will offer free shipping, so that saves me a few bucks, and like you say, the order itself always comes in a NewEgg box.

Overall, ChiefValue and NewEgg get about 95% or more of my online electronics business.