Chickenmans Guide - a bit blocky


I just did my 1st DVDtoDivx using chickenmans guide (Smartripper and Vidomi). Very good and easy to use guide - which I followed to the letter.

To my surprise (things usually go badly wrong 1st time!) I got an output file which played. It is watchable but a bit on the “blocky” side to be honest.

Any idea why this is anyone and how I can avoid in future?

The only idea I’ve had is that I tried to fit the DVD to a 699mb file size - has this compressed too much? The odd thing is that I actually got 2 output files - file no. 1 was 699mb and the other (last part of the DVD was 266mb).

I used the latest version of vidomi - but I have the DivX pro 5.03 codec installed anyway.

For the tech people here, this info I got from GSpot - it might help you to tell me why I’m in “Block Land”:

(For File no.1 - 699mb)
Codec: DX50/divx DivX 5.0
Aspect: 720 x 528 (1.364 : 1)
Bitrate:885 kb/s
Duration: 01h 35m 34s

(For file no. 2 - 266mb)
Codec: DX50/divx DivX 5.0
Aspect: 720 x 528 (1.364 : 1)
Bitrate: 801 kb/s
Framerate: 25.000 FPS
Duration: 00h 39m 42s

A fast action movie can have some blockiness. I would suggest though in Vidomi Video Options, that you set the Scale by Persentage to 90% rather than the default 100%. This will reduce the size of the size of the pic and help with the blockiness.

A fast action movie can have some blockiness

er … not sure how to say this … it’s … it’s … a porno :o so i dunno if the action is that fast :stuck_out_tongue:

when i say “blockiness” - just to clarify - the blocks are very very small - the divx looks almost pixelated

should i still give it a go at 90%?

haha yes I see, not what I would call “fast action”. Never the less, porn stuff is difficult to get results from. They use hand held cameras and the whole frame is moving all the time and that uses up lots of data.

Yes most defenitely shrink the pic size down, try 90% and see how you go.