hi all. just become the proud owner of a dvd burner (plextor px-708a) & had a read of chickenmans guide on avi to dvd. Excelent! BUT…as the guide is a few months old the downloads have been updated & some of the options are different. Please, Please is there any chance that the chickenman wizard could update his guide…sorry if i’m on the wrong page for this question but i’ve been at this for 10 hours without success, & i’m running out of ideas. All goes wrong when the cce starts but ive made the correct selection for athlon!!!

soz 4 the wrong forum.
Please help chickenman. i’m having no sucess at all.

I have been waiting for the author of DVD2SVCD to do a samll update before I was to update mine, but its oviously taking him some time. I will update in the next week some time so please bear with me.

As for your problem, unfortunately many AVI’s crash out CCE. Make sure you have the latest DivX codec installed (ver 5.1) Also check the avi with DivFix and DivXRepair ( a search here will find them).

Run GSPOT and report the Video & Audio codecs etc of the AVI.