Chickenman: VCD to DVD+R conversion help



Hi all!

I am trying to take a few .mpg trailers (vcd) that I downloaded from the internet and put them onto a DVD as described in ChickenMan’s guide (using dvd-lab).

Apparently someone before me joined some of the .mpg files together. I can not get them to de-muliplex in dvdlab or tmpgenc. If I load them in virtual dub I get the error message about the timestamps being off at byte XXX the timestamp goes from YYY to ZZZ (may indicate an improper join).

Is there anyway to fix this problem? The file is a VBR, so many of the hints I found on the internet about fixing bad mpg’s do not apply since the tools do not know how to handle VBRs.

I think if I could split the file back into pieces I could then load them, but I do not have any idea what splitter could deal with the discontinue in the timestamp.

Any help would be most appreciated.



To start with VCD’s are CBR, not VBR. If it is VBR, then its not a VCD. :smiley: But i find MPEG2VCR ( will demux much that TMPGenc or DVDLab wont.


Thanks, CM!!

LOL! I bought mpeg2vcr on your reccomendation in another thread quite some time ago because I was directly editing some .VOB files. I had no idea it could demux mpeg-1 streams.

Viola! It worked quite well. I appreciate the help.

Now for a second question if you have a moment. I know the 44.1Khz audio needs to be converted to 48Khz. dvd-lab will do that conversion for me. I also recall in your vcd to dvd guide you talk about doing that conversion manually. Should I just let dvd-lab process it or is tht goldwave program a better way to do the conversion from 44.1 to 48?



Glad to hear MEG2VCR worked for you, it rarely fails for me.

Goldwave does not handle MP2 audio. It can load it in but cannot save it, nor can it handle AC-3 audio, but otherwise a great program.

Simplest would be to let DVDLab do the MP2 44.1 -> 48 conversion (I’ve never really had any problems with it) but I always prefer AC3 audio. Therefore I simple use ffMPEGGui to convert my 44.1 mp2 audio directly to AC-3 48kz. Freeware and works great. You can also lower the bitrate to 192 if you need a little more room on the dvdr to fit more movies on if its tight.


I found that freeware and used it. Everything went well but I had to changes the .mpa files that mpeg2vcr created to .mp2. <-- Is that an acceptable thing to do?

When I used the .mpa file as input the program said unknown format. When I changed them to .mp2 all went well. I will listedn to them this afternoon and see if all is well.

Thanks again for your masterful help. I am starting to become much more comfortable dealing with elementary streams.


In this situation mpa=mp2, same thing really, just 2 ways of naming the same audio file really.