Chickenman instructions

When I try to follow the directions for the dvd conversion I get an error when loading the file that says the scenarist does not exist, what does that mean and how do I fix it.

do u have Scenarist installed?

donb’t think so, dont’ even know what it is.

Just go to the pane that is opened with the error (CD pane) and check the “don’t make images” option.

thank you so much, so far so good, tomorrow will try the authoring program. I hope this works.

Now I am trying to convert the audio to ac3 and when I use ac3 machine, the input file is and encoded mpeg and the output is an extracted ac3. Is this right? According to the instructions the output should also be encoded not extracted?

You can call the output file any name you like, just as long as it ends in .ac3 .

The output file that I put in there is called an ectracted .ac3 file and the input file is an encoded mp3. when I try to run the program it says that the output file already exists and asks if I want to overwrite it. This sounds wrong to me, but I don’t know what I am doing.