Chicken Little



NOT able to copy Chicken Little with AnyDVD and CloneDVD2.

Summary for drive E: (AnyDVD
Drive (Hardware) Region: 0

Media is a Data DVD.
Booktype: dvd-rom (version 1), Layers: 2 (opposite)
Size of first Layer: 1771472 sectors (3459 MBytes)
Total size: 3451168 sectors (6740 MBytes)

Video DVD (or CD) label: LTL0NNF1
Media is CSS protected!
Video Standard: NTSC
Media is locked to region(s): 1!

RCE protection not found.
Found & removed wrong DVD structure!
Structural copy protection not found.
Autorun not found on Video DVD.
Found & removed 1 bad sector protections!
Emulating RPC-2 drive with region 1!



  1. Assume you live in north america. Your originals are region 1 correct? Go into My Computer, and right click to enter properties for your DVD drives. Change them to region 1 if they are not set that way already.

  2. You are backing up an original DVD right? not a copy?



i had no problems with chicken little ws region 1 with anydvd and clonecd.


No problems here, region 1 movie only menus preserved. and
Have you tried ripping to the hard drive with AnyDVD first?


I have backed this up tonight with no problem using clonedvd 2892 anydvd 5941 If I remember right this disc has 3 angles for main movie that are automatically selected with clonedvd2 under the “Copy DVD Titles” option" (and maintains 100% quailty). You must certainly have a defective disc , scratched …ect . This move is not much of a challenge for the [I]Genius[/I] Clonedvd2 and Anydvd.
Chicken Little R1 should copy without a flaw.


i have also had the same error message, and when i try playing it with anydvd running it kind of sputters picture and sound were messed up, had to dissable anydvd just to play original dvd,


You could try to disable the option “Copy protection based on unreadable sectors”. If this doesn’t help, send the ifo files to SlySoft (in case it is a new structural protection AnyDVD does not see. Being a Disney movie I would expect RipGuard on the disc).
Another possibility: The source disc is defective, or your reader doesn’t “like it”. Try another reader (e.g., your burner).


Thank you sir!!! You hit the nail on the head… I used my external HP dvd740 burner to copy the dvd and this burner caused the error. So I put your suggestion into consideration and put the original DVD into my internal DVD burner on my laptop and it worked just fine… Well so far at least. I didnt come up with the error when I put the DVD in and it started to copy… I wonder why this error came up with that external HP dvd burner???


some drives are better readers than others and some drives are pickier than others.

what won’t work in one will sometime swork in the other (and vice versa)

there’s really no explanation especially when you’re “bad” reader ends up ripping stuff that the “good” reader can’t (as in my case). Just be thankful you have the option of testing it in another drive!


@ PilatusInc

Making a backup copy of a Commercial DVD Movie Title is a demanding task. There are many variable complexities involved in data transmission between an external DVD Burner and the host computer.

If you desire consistent error free back up copies of Commercial DVD Movie Titles suggest using your internal DVD Burner which negates the possibly of any data transmission error issues between the host computer and external device.

Best Regards,


I had no problems with this same title/region but the info for mine showed much more, i.e. Ripguard, 2 bad sectors I think… So yeah, maybe you’re reader didn’t identify the disc correctly which stemmed the problems.


I was able to copy Chicken Little with Clone Copy 2 with Any DVD on but when it started to write it locked up my computer? I have also tried DVD X Platinum with Any DVD on Chicken Little and it copies but won’t write but just gives and error message. Gone through 4 DVD+R blank discs so far???


Dude(!) … you give virtually no information so how do expect us to help you?

Do you mean CloneDVD2?

What error message? What is the text of the error message?

What media brand, type and rated speed of the disks.

What speed are you burning at?

What brand and model is your burner? Have you updated it’s firmware?

Tell us something


Re: Chicken Little Backup
Using ANYDVD with Nero Recode - NO GO
Nero reports failure as it goes to analyze the disk.
Using CloneDVD2 - Success!


Makes scense but I havent had any problems with this external burner until now… Can’t wait till I we have to deal with HDDVDs, it seems burning just keeps getting more complicated.


hi gang new to the board and a quick thanks in general to people who post here, these forums rock and have already helped me immensely in terms of DVD/CD burning.

As far as Chicken Little, I got it to burn last night using 1Click and AnyDVD. Total copy and brun was about 30 minutes. I need to watch the movie the whole way through to verify it is a clean copy, but looks good perfect based on teh first 10 minutes of viewing.

the only weird thing is this, when I put the movie in my DVD player, as the player is searching the dvd to get started it makes an a loud grinding sound that does not happen on regular DVDs or even my other copies. It goes way as soon as any portion of the DVD actually plays. Causes zero problems of any sort that I can tell and has no obvious impact on playback so it appears to be a hamrless side affect of using a copied dvd.

Anyone else notice something like this when they try to play back this copy or any other.


really does not have anything to do with this thread but I recieved the same errors using nero recode even when not using any dvd nero recode does not support using any external drives according to Nero


:frowning: Please help… I read every single post from here and still cannot make it work. This is what I did: I used AnyDVD (trial version) and saved VIDEO_TS in my local drive (as I always do), then I used DVD Shrink 3.2 and it runs fine. Following somebody’s advise, it was recommended to use DVD Decrypter to burn it. When I try to burn it using DVD Decrypter, I get this error message: "there does not appear to be enough space on the disk to burn this image. Image size: 2,285,908 sector Disc size: 335,923 sectors. Would you like to continue anyways? Yes or No. I don’t understand why the image size got so big after using DVD Shrink. Also, I looked at this tutorial: and to be honest all it does is rephrase and explain what I am seeing when I open Any DVD… but it does not say what setting to select? I may be doing something wrong by getting such a big sector size. Please help on this and I am very new so baby steps will be very much appreciated. By the way, I have used DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink a lot and I never had any problems with other videos. I would like to rip Narnia and Chicken Little. My regional setting is 1. Any help please write me at


What size is the VIDEO_TS folder? What size and type of discs? How much hard drive space do you have on the PC?