Chessmaster 10th Edition

I recently bought Chessmaster 10th Edition and want to make backups of each of the 3 discs to use and keep the original in as new condition. Clony XXL told me all 3 disks were Safe Disk V2 protected. The exact version of Safe Disk 2 I don’t know.

I used Clone CD to make copies of all 3 CDs and with the hide CDR media enabled in the Clone CD tray icon I get a message headed ‘Cannot locate the CD-ROM’ and within the box under this heading ‘CD/DVD emulation software has been detected. Please disable all CD/DVD emulation software and restart the game’

Of course if I don’t use the Hide CDR Media I get the message headed ‘Cannot locate the CD-Rom’ and within the box under this heading ‘Please eject and re-insert the CD-ROM, select OK and restart the application’

It seems that the makers of the game were clever enough to get it to detect a program like Clone CD that hides CDR Media so it will not run with Hide CDR Media enabled and without this enabled it sees that the game is written on a CDR and won’t play. I don’t often attempt to make a copy of a game as I don’t play many games and I would like to know if there is a way around this problem.

Download A-ray scanner and scan the installation directory of the game; i suspect the protection may actually be safedisc 3 and ClonyXXL is not picking it up.

Then download the trial version of alcohol 120% as it’s better than CloneCD. Uncheck CloneCD’s “hide cdr media” function as it is blacklisted. Also what cd/dvd drives do you possess?

A-ray Scanner:
Alcohol 120%:

Actually, CloneCD’s new update may provide a glisten of new hope for some people. As well I think that everything SD 3.2 has blacklisted about CloneCD has been fixed. :slight_smile:

Yeh, posted that before the new release…still a good idea for him to uninstall his present (blacklisted) version.

I downloaded A-Ray Scanner and according to it Chessmaster 10th Edition uses Safe Disc 3.20.22 on CD 1 but Safe Disk 2 on CDs 2 and 3!

I also updated Clone CD to the latest version and it seems to have solved the previous problem about the hide CDR being detected.

However when I tried to play CD 1 it still would not play with an error message about not being able to reference memory etc so I at least need to redo a copy of CD 1 using the correct profile for Safe Disk 3.20.22.

I am using a Lite-on combo drive SOHC-5232K that burns at 52x32x52 and reads DVDs and a new NEC DVD and CD burner ND-3500AG.

Now I need to see if I can find the correct parameters for making a successful copy of CD 1 that uses Safe Disc 3.20.22. I don’t know if either of my drives is good enough to do it.

Do you mind having an emulated backup - if you do not, just use the “protected game” profile that comes with the latest version of CloneCD (v5.0.22) and as long as you have “hide cdr media” option enabled your backup will work fine. So as long as you have CloneCD installed, you have a working backup.

Only CD1 will need this method, the other discs you can just copy with the game profile as they are only needed for installation purposes. :slight_smile:

If you want a 1:1 backup (no emulation), use your liteon combo drive to read and write with the “safedisc” profile in alcohol 120%, read/burn at 4x speed. Remember to enable “ignore media type” in alcohol if playing the backup from a burner.

That’s odd. I would think that it is Detecting SafeDisc 3.20 in the EXE of the game but the other CDs are being detected as SD 2 even though they are SafeDisc 3. This is a bug.

I would probably prefer a 1:1 backup as there is a sense of achievement at having successfully made a 1:1 copy of a game with strong copy protection but this isn’t easy to achieve. Using Alcohol set to SafeDisc 2/3 to make a backup didn’t get me a backup that worked with Hide CDR Media checked. Safe Disc 3.20.22 mustn’t be an easy protection to overcome.

It is a bit unusual that A-Ray scanner reports a different copy protection for CDs 2 and 3 (SafeDisc2) compared to CD 1 (SafeDisc 3.20.22). I’m wandering if I should assume it has the same protection for each CD namely the SafeDisc 3.20.22 reported in CD 1?

I did find that by using the Clone CD virtual Drive and loading the Chessmaster 10 image to it I could play the game from the hard drive which is great. I also found a patch that allows me to install the program and play it from the hard drive without a virtual drive which means the original can be put away for safe keeping!

However I’m still going to try for that elusive 1:1 copy at least for a while but if I don’t achieve it I won’t be too fussed.

OK I give up! I’ve wasted enough blank CDs. I tried using Alcohol120% v1.9.2.1705 to copy Chessmaster 10 without emulation with the SafeDisc 2/3 setting reading and writing at Max and then Reading and Writing at 4 speed and I could not make a successful 1:1 copy that plays in my second computer which has an ordinary CD Rom and therefore doesn’t require a Hide CDR Media type of function running in the background. I did however use my NEC 3500AG DVD/CD burner to read the original when I tried 4 x read and write which may not have been a good idea in retrospect as my Lite-on Combo SOHC 5232K is probably a better reader. Well done to the makers of the program; it is very well protected. I leave it to some other clever person to achieve it if it can be done.

why not just make a alcohol image, then put it on a cd using nero (just copy the mds/mdf files) and also put Deamon Tools 3.47 on there, then just mount the image from the cd, it isnt 1:1, but it works well :slight_smile:

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I just used WINDOWS XP PRO’s built in disk writing software to make backups.

  1. Explore CMX files and SELECT ALL (ctrl+A)
  2. Right click and send to CDRW
  3. Open the CD-RW and “write these files to disk”
  4. These CDs function as install disks ONLY, so the game requires this NO-Kangaroo patch below.

Do not talk about cracks here! :cop: Read the Rules


Do any of you geniuses know how i can get chessmaster 10th to play without the CDS?
and on this site whats with the Explorer box that pops up with a ! in a triangle and the number 1 as the message?

how can i get chessmaster 10th to play without the CDS?

See post by bcn_246 earlier in this thread.

no way out i cant achive 1:1, need a clever person for CM10

I too have a purchased copy of chessmasterx but need to run it on my subnotebook that does not have a cd drive.

I don’t see the ‘hide cdr’ option on my version of clonecd and I don’t see how to run the virtual copy with clone cd as you suggest.

is there a different version of clonecd that uk has that the us doesn’t?
any help please?

Thank you,