Cherrypal: We've made a $99 laptop

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Think netbooks are the cheapest, most underwhelming computers around? Cherrypal would beg to differ with its $99 mini-notebook.

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I couldn’t get to their online store either “404 Error. File not found.”

I guess they don’t have enough wind today.

I used to have a pocket PC phone that was probably more powerful than this POC, and also had cell phone functions

I got on easy enough, try this.

[QUOTE=pedroalki;2476257]I got on easy enough, try this.[/QUOTE]

Works now. Didn’t work all day yesterday.

“256 GB of RAM”…
Sounds epic… =/

Sounds fishy to me. Googling “cherrypal fraud” results in several posts about people ordering it, some receiving delayed shipping notices, and none reporting receiving it. Also, if you click the Career, Privacy Policy, or Terms & Conditions links on their website, you get a “coming soon” page.