Chemning 901b



I am looking at buying this case for $39.99 but it is almost $20.00 to ship.
Does anybody have a line on something comparable for a total cost of about $50.00

Thanks, budzos


This case is shorter than the one you’ve linked. It has one less 5.25" bay but 5 total 3.5" ones(1 external). It also comes with 120mm rear exhaust and front intake fans.

Total price is ~$65 - 10 MIR = $55


Thanks for the link, it gives me something else to consider. If I get the Chemning I’ll
need to do a bit of modding to get the 2 120mm fans in so this could be a bit easier. I am
currently chopping a 120mm hole in the front of one of the free after rebate Ultra Wizard
cases from Fry’s and its a pain in the ass since the hard drive bays need to be shortened
as well.