Chemical Fumes and Storage of Media

Okay, I’m a bit obsessive compulsive and this question has plagued my mind. Can fumes from bleach or ammonia cause data degradation on a CD-R or DVD-+R? I sometimes wash my floor with bleach and have been obsessing over whether or not it could reduce the archival life of some of my stored CD-Rs. Also, (and more embarresing), I have a dog that seems to have incontinence as far as urinating and I’m also wondering if the fumes from the ammonia in her urine can do the same?


Its a definate possibility. As CD and DVD are relatively new the effects of chemical fumes are not well documented. The physical structure of a CD as opposed to a DVD tend to suggest the CD is more likely to be effected.

I dont want to rule it out, but I would think it very unlikley.
You would need to be storing your discs out in the open, or very close to the source of the fumes. If the concentration in the air is that strong to do damage to the discs, I would be more worried about your own health from inhaling the fumes…