Chem Brothers: Push the Button - ripping results in high pitched "ticks"



I just got the new Chemical Brothers album and whatever I do results in these high pitched ticks or squeeks of varying amplitude, 5 to 20 seconds apart from one another.

I have Plextor PX-712A (FW 1.02) and I’ve tried using EAC (latest version), Plextools v2.14 and Feurio (latest version). Extracing without error correction results in about 17,000 errors and If I turn error correction on it gets so many errors that it just gives up and continues. I’ve also tried copying the cd to an image and then copying the image to a CDR and trying to extract from the CDR but I get the same problem.

version.txt on the CD says:



Hey and welcome to CDFs,
Have you tryed downloading AnyDVD and try ripping the tracks in a normal ripping prog (WinAMP/WMP9)? AnyDVD can decode Audio protection “On-the-fly”.



The Chem Brothers CD conatins a player which launches when I insert the CD into my Plextor. I’m assuming I can use this to my advantage? I can record the sound thats playing? If I do this, am I guaranteed to have an exact audio copy of the original? What methods should I take to ensure that I get the best possible recording? Thanks in advance.


No, when the player lauchers the protection is lauched also. Your best bet is to take out the CD, download and install Anydvd and reboot when asked. Once your back into windoes, make sure AnyDVD is active and open a normal riping prog like Media player 9/10 or WinAMP. You should be able to rip the tracks without the protection interfering.



CDS200 uses C2 errors (it is a damaged CD).

This is strongly dependant on your Hardware.

EAC usually has the best results and will mute clicks. There is no way to make a perfect copy when a disc is damaged by scratches…in this case the scratches are invisable but they are there.

The software player is playing MP3s inbedded into the YUCCA.CDS file it’s much lower quality. If you want to do analof copy I reccomend using an external CD Player and patch in to your audio card.

I do not believe CDS200 uses any software protection in the player.exe, I believe it is all hardware C2 errors & Currupted TOC.


Hi Everyone,

I am currently ripping Push the Button as I browse the forum. I read on the case that it has copy protection and when I put it into the DVD-ROM (Compaq Evo N800C with Toshiba Combo CD/RW and DVD-ROM can’t remember the drive type), the disc spun up and told me it would need to update some files to play. I wasn’t up for that so I tried to browse the CD but of course you cannot see the audio files.

I thought I was screwed, but then I just used my good old Musicmatch Jukebox 8.1 and it saw the disc, saw the tracks and started to play them. When I ripped them with MMJB at 192kBps, the tracks sound great and there seems to be no glitches or high frequency problems (aside from those which The Chemical Brothers intended).

I have had awesome success with this method - it has never failed. I know that it doesn’t give true CD Audio but for a lot of people, surely the quality is good enough.

Am I just lucky or is this a feature of MMJB that people have not fully explored? I hope that you experts can give some insight and maybe some people who are as forgiving on the sound quality as I am, might find this a useful tip.

That name again is Mr_Plow


Mr_Plow… you’re lucky. It seems that you have a good CD drive.

hqs… I bought Push The Button and have ripped it without any trouble. Granted it’s impossible to have a “perfect” copy, but there are no audible flaws that I can detect in my rip.

If you are interested, I can send you a copy. Just tell me what format / compression settings you’d like, and prove to me somehow that you own the CD.

You can reach me at (address filtered to fight spam).