Cheetah DVD Burner Review

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“CheetahDVD Burner is easy to use and overall a fine and good performing multi-function software to create CD, DVD, movies and music."

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thought it would be a bargin to purchase a Blu-ray burner for $25 until I realised it was software. Thanks for getting my hopes up. :c


How can you make a statement like “Easy on system resources” when you are testing on a PC with 4GB Ram & Core 2 Duo … How did you measure this? This is not a typical system, and mainstream computers are approximately 2 years old … and most likely single core, with 512MB Ram. Certainly not C2D-6600 + 4GB ram.

you only get updates for 1 year!!! gag me Blah

Thank you

Thankyou Kipper for this great review, I love this program it does on the fly burning and it creates a great .iso. :wink:

This seems really cool I have to get it!

It’s not a bad program - it actually is one of maybe 4 that are worth considering, however it is updated every 20 days or so and the new updates always “fix some bugs”, so…

:g Excellent review. I had been looking for good burning software with different abilities and onversions. no its not like Roxio etc, but you know what, I had Roxio and the other and this fits my needs PLUS i don’t WASTE disc anymore ith errors. It burns it right the first time! I like this software and I use it to burn my audio tracks after I track bounce them from Pro Tools. :g Secondly, yes, he is no a standard pc. I’ve had Duo core in my house for 2 years now with only 1GIG Ram and I built all my towers. Its not expensive to have the best. So stop omplaining and go spend $90 on a motherboard cpu combo at your local computer store and built it. Its fun, cost effective and fast! (if you do, get a jumperless board).

cheeta dvd burner sux!i wish i could get my money back

No problems so far, seems to do what I need without the bloat.

it wont play the dvds on a dvd player, just the pc

It will play on dvd players. You are a small minded rookie at this.

When I try the avi,wmv to dvd function. After the decoding video part is completed it gives me this notification that I need the video files codec. It gives 3 options but even after getting those I still convert the files. Even tried wmv files also but still the same error.

can someone tell me how to get the dvds to play in a dvd player i can only get them to play on my pc and i wanted something to convert to dvd player that did not cost an arm and a leg. Is this it

to be quite frank… cheetah Shits on other dvd burners. Its so fast. What would take nero or dvdflick a matter of hours takes cheetah a matter of minutes :g and its so simple… it doesn’t have loads of steps to go through… the only con I can see… is that I cant find a way to create menus or chapters… but that may be just me