Cheep Shipping from SVP

for anybody wanting to order there TY’s :bigsmile:


To qualify for this discounted shipping offer, simply place an order
over £30, select ECONOMY COURIER or PARCEL COURIER and
insert the voucher code maydiscount into the ‘Coupon Code’ box
provided at the SVP checkout and see the delivery cost magically reduced.

Offer ends at 11:59pm on Monday 29th May 2006


Doh, thanks BJ - that’d be brilliant, if I hadn’t already spent too much. :bigsmile:

And they’re still selling the Phillips drive for £19:99!

I bought the £19.99 Philips drive - turned out to be a rebadged BenQ 1650! :eek: :bigsmile: :bow: :clap:

cough score cough

That’s extremely interesting. I need an additional 1650… Even with the shipping to France, if I order some more spindles of my favourite media together with the drive, it will be a real bang for the buck! :cool:

I think svp should stop sending those free shipping offers to non UK residents when they can’t take the offer. It’s almost every week i get disappointed like this. Not that i mind the shipping price or any of the other services they provide - just this one offer that’s not an offer to me.

That said i should perhaps try the Philips drive as well :wink:

You know you want to :bigsmile:

i think the temptation will be too much :iagree: :bigsmile:

I wonder if it will…:bigsmile:

I ordered it about a month ago - don’t know if its the same drive now, but you might get a BenQ. You’ll know straight away because the BenQ states SolidBurn on the front.

Then you’ll want the beige one.

Kev I was told in the BenQ forum that SolidBurn is a Philips technology.

Is only the beige drive a 1650? Anyone have an opinion on if it would be worth flashing to BenQ firmware?

cough nevermind

I know - if the drive is based on a Lite-On, it won’t have the SolidBurn feature, so I’m assuming it won’t be on it for that reason.

Only the beige one is available at the moment. My friend ordered one and it came with SolidBurn written on the front. Check the thread in the BenQ section about the £19.99 drive from SVP more details are in their.

Ok. Thanks JayC30.