Cheech and chong up in smoke

i want to burn cheech and chong iso to hard drive, i ran anydvd, opened it, clicked enable anydvd and minimized it, i opened cloned dvd and clicked the first button, copy dvd title, selected d:/ts_video, clicked next, next, , as output method i clicked iso/udf image. put in the name i want, put the go screen isnt there, i cant use it. how come what do i need to do? do i need to setup and do anything specific with anydvd, like burn an image with anydvd then use clonedvd? here is what is says under settings

Summary for drive D: (AnyDVD
Drive (Hardware) Region: 1

Media is a Data DVD.
Booktype: dvd-rom (version 1), Layers: 1
Total size: 2283316 sectors (4459 MBytes)

Video DVD (or CD) label: UPINSMOK
Media is CSS protected!
Video Standard: NTSC
Media is locked to region(s): 1!

Found & removed RCE protection!
DVD structure appears to be correct.
Changed firstplay: Jump directly to Title 1!
Structural copy protection not found.
Autorun not found on Video DVD.
Bad sector protection not found.
Emulating RPC-2 drive with region 1!

it says it is css protected, just curious what to do. sorry for all the info, i figure the more i ell the easier it will be to get help.

Did you create a valid file path to the output directory for the iso to be written to?

not sure how to do it, i got aim and yahoo. aim is apathicboy, yahoo is Malavik2002

please contact me there, so i can ask question in real time and get answers, thanks.

tried to burn to cd, said file was to big 2.something gigs, free space 3.9 gigs.
it is saved under. desktop/dvd that is where i put it to put the iso imai may have done it wrong though, dont know. how do i do it?

Hit the browse button, next to the name of iso/udf image, select a place for the image, create a folder named UP IN SMOKE.
Depending on what drive you want to put it on, it would look something like, D:/UP IN SMOKE
I have a folder for movies named RECORDED MOVIES, on my D drive, so it looks like this:
If you have a directory set up you can just type in the path in the name box, or use the before mentioned browse button to create your path and folder.
Volume lable is not critical. If you leave it set to VIDEO_DVD, this will appear as the disk label when viewing disk info. Or you can put in the movie name there if you prefer that info written to the disk.
It does not default back to VIDEO_DVD though, and will retain the last name untill you change it again.

thanks sockeye(hoped i spelled that right) you really helped, if i can do anything for you man just let me know, now what do i do if the file is to large to put on dvd? or it says it is to large

oh not enough space on hard drive… damn

On the title configuration page, there is a drop down box bottom center. You can select your out put size there. DVD5 will transcode the movie to fit a single layer DVD.
There are a lot of great guides and tutorials here at CD FREAKS that can help you with a lot of this stuff. The help section of CloneDVD is pretty good as well.
If you are hoping to store iso or dvd files of movies on your hard drive, you will need a fair amount of space. A movie transcoded from a dual layer disk to fit on a single layer + or - R DVD disk can take up to 4.7 gb of hard drive.

Great movie by the way :bigsmile:

question i went to burn the iso to my dvd and it says the file is to big to download onto a dvd, i go tthe iso image, but now what, how to i make the image fit the dvd? i clicked on properties and it says the file is 3.8gigs, i got a dual layer that is capable of burning 8gigs, so what am i doing wrong. source data to large, the writer is not capable of writing the data. any suggestions?

Are you using “write existing data”?
Actually, if you are burning to your hard drive first, to review your movie before burning it, you should just use the create dvd files option, rather than creating an iso.
With this method, you can preview your file with PowerDVD or something similar, without having to mount it with a virtual drive. In addition, it is faster than creating an iso.
When you make your files, pay close attention to the output file size that I mentioned in post #7 and set it to the type of disk you want to eventually burn to.
After you have determined that your backup is to your liking, you can use the write existing data button with CloneDVD2.

i went to copy dvd title, the first option, slected the source, d:\UpINSMOK, output method, dvd files, clicked go and made files that are in the ts_video folder, i then went back to, write exsisting data to dvd, selected teh s_video folder where i stored the dvd, clicked on the dvd writer, go, then i got a screen that said, source data to large, the writer is not capable of writing the data as requested, to write these files please use the copy dvd at the start screen, which i did. so i assume the files are to large, or i **cked it up, any help or suggestion. i have the files, and they work, i just cant put them on my dual layer dvd

When you created your dvd file, what disk type did you choose in the drop down box located at center bottom?
If it was not set to dual layer, and you are now trying to write to dl media, I suspect you have a layer break problem.

all i see for dsk types is, dvd-5, dvd +/- R DL, Mini dvd, CD R, dvd ram, custom. i suppose i need to do that dvd dl, that means dual layer?

Yes, if it was set to DVD5, the layer break is removed, which could be the cause of your problems.
Due to the price of dl media as compared to sl,I don’t have a lot of dl experience, but I have read a lot of posts by other forum members, and a search of dl media within this forum, will provide you with a lot of helpful information.
I can tell you that CloneDVD2 will insert a layer break when set to dl, but will not retain the original layer break position. However, CloneCD will give you a true 1:1 copy of the original, when used with AnyDVD.
Is UP IN SMOKE really a big enough file to warrant using dl media?
If you trim of the extras, do movie only with menus preserved, it will probably fit on a DVD5 nicely.

Up In Smoke is just a single layer original.

ok…i got a dual layer dvd to burn it on, my problem is trying to figure out how to burn it on that dvd, can i? or cant i? i keep getting a message that says source data is to large, and am getting frustrated, how do i copy it to hard drive so i can use it? how do i copy it to the dvd, i am getting frustrated. the prolem is i can keep burning it to harddrive, utting the files, or iso or whatever, but whenever i try to put it on a dvd it says the data is to big to put on the dvd. so how the hell do i put it on a dvd and get it to work, i know i have enough space on the dvd 8gigs being a dual layer, but it still says that it is to large, i and i cut everything out of the movie, all the previews, tailers, menu it just plays the movie now. i been trying to do this for several hours, so any help would be good

@ Malavik,
Whisperer 1 has told you that your title is originally a sl disk.
It would be a total waste to burn it to dl media, as you would be essentially wasting an expensive disk.
Just start over, use button 2, which will clone the disk, create your file using DVD5 in the drop down box, then put it on a sl disk.
You really need to do some research on copying DVD movies. The time you spend will come back to you 10 fold. In no time at all, you will be burning like an old pro.

thanks for the help, i will get some sl disk, i appreciate all the help

Glad to help Malavik.
I might add, to get good quality media, which will eliminate further frustration.
Verbatim is concidered among the best and is easy to get in most locals.
Ty Yuden is excellent, but not as easy to find on store shelves.
Stay away from Memorex, and such as their media is made by different vendors, and is not consistant in quality.
There is a media forum here at CD FREAKS that can help you with selecting good media.