Checksum Error

Hi , how you doing.
I was following the tutorial (divx to svcd)
from this forum ,to the letter I might add.
I had everything running prefectly and only had 42 minutes
to completion.
Then I got "checksum error"and everything frooze.
Can anyone tell me what “Checksum Error” is .

Thanks alot Devlyn:confused:

I assume you have an AMD CPU. There has been a small program to patch CCE to allow it to run properly on AMD CPUs without that error. I believe its in the download section.

Thanks for your reply, but I could not find the patch.
I am a Newbee, by the way

Sorry that was just to test you ( not really!) its not in their download section but in their Q&A section within the forum. Its in Q27 at

Thank You very much for your help ChickenMan,
I did find the patch this time , and I am applying
it right now

Talk to you again Thanks Devlyn

I also need that patch… But the damn link is broken, i have tried searching for it on google and found it referred to on but its the same broken link…

So could someone please give me thier MSN address so they could send it to me… cmon… its only 15kbs…


Or better yet (and easyer) send it in an attachment to:


I found it here ,hope its the same patch as the one you mentioned, gonna put it to the test later…

Yep thats the very one, thanks for the link.


I just downloaded it, went to unrar it, and the git tells me the file is corrupt :frowning:

I just downloaded and it unzips (its a zip file not a rar file) fine and runs fine. Its the same/identical to the one I mentioned above. Suggest you download again.

I have…about 7/8 times now and keeping getting this…

and i get this with winzip…

I downloaded it again and unziped it no probs. I just used the internal unziper in XP rather than WinZip. I also tried WinRar and both work fine.

Also, check your PM’s.