Checksum error in CCE?

i’m in desperate need of a little help!

i’m converting an avi file to dvd, which i have done a thousand (via chickenmans :bow: tutorial) times but i’ve got one particular file which i’m getting the checksum error in CCE. i’ve searched these forums and discovered i need a crc patch, which i just can’t find anywhere. the link which i found searching here is downloading as a corupt file, and it’s no longer in the doom9 download section. i’ve searched with google and i keep getting the same link, which doesn’t work.

can anyone help?

thanks in advance


Then try this one :smiley: (14.4 KB)

thanks very much chickenman :d

everythings working great now ive got that. on a side note, ive been using your guides for ages (divx to dvd), and have recently moved over to your updated version and i have to say thanks for that too, it all goes so much faster, and with (as far as i can see anyway) no difference in the finished dvd.

thanks again, you’re a star


Glad you like the update, it works for me as well. Also, check out the latest D2SRoBa version as well as the one in the DVD2SVCD Pack is getting a bit old now. v3.77 is the latest, get it from