Checkout 3D smilies



I created a smilie browser:

Actually, it is dedicated to and their boards allow html <img> tag.

However, this link is to the browser that creates IMG tags for this board:

Choose set, click on the smilie, copy the link from the green line, paste into your post.

Tell me what you think.


dude, that’s just too awesome…thanks a ton!!!


3D smilies suck! :iagree:


Just testing!!! Those are pretty cool

<img src=“” border=0>

OK, What am I doing wrong here?

OOPS!!! I see the light now!!!


Now you know I am going to have to use these smiles, way too much


well they look nice, but I really prefer the classic ones… they fit their purpose perfectly :slight_smile:


Lets see if I’ve got it.


Yo Sportsmell-

Looks like you did get it-

Amazed me-