Checking the burner



I have several problem with my burner, he just cant seem to be able to burn correctly. I 'm wondering if it’s my burner or a software problem. Right now, i’m trying to burn a dvd with some photo and music, i do it with nero 7. I burn it and it cant seem to be able to play in my home dvd but it play okay in my computer dvd-rom. It do play on my home dvd but after a while it freeze. Any suggestion ?


i would suggest trying it on a different dvd player if you have one, as some dvd players like certain dvds and i find that the cheaper dvd players are usually better for playing home made dvds.


Usually playback problems are due to a bad media.

Try with a better quality media. If your burner support it, try also to change booktype of +R media in ROM: often this improve compatibility.


In addition to what [I][B]geno[/B][/I] has suggested, check for a firmware upgrade for your burner.