Checking Rips?

Hi, I’ve been having problems backing up my DVDs. All of mine lock up at some point or another in the movie and I was wondering if there was any software that would let me check to see if the “ripped” files would play. Just so I can see if the problem is in the way I’m ripping or if its burning. Any help is appreciated.

Drive, ripper, player?

Media? :slight_smile:

Make an ISO image and then use Daemon Tools to mount and play the image.

My writer is a NEC 2500A, the reader is a NEC 5800(i think, if not a fairly new NEC 16x) and the media i was using is Verbatim. Will try the Daemon Tools right away.

I’m not sure I truly understand your question…but

If you are asking “because my back-up locks up on my set top box” how can I watch it on my pc to verify the disk is not bad. Lay your hand on PowerDVD or some other dvd app.

As for your hardware, seems ok. As for your media…Brand names mean little, could be crap, could be good…a program like dvdinfo will help you this regard.

Thanks guys, the iso works on the computer. So now I have to toy around with getting the burned disks to work!