Checking movie for errors



Currently going through the learning curves of transferring tape to hard drive (Hauppauge USB2), then converting to DVD (Ulead Movie Factory 4). Much wisdom I have seen reports that it is best to slow the recording speed down and to be sure and use good quality media. But beyond that, what is the best way to check a DVD for errors without playing it clear through?
The two biggest problems are “stuttering” which I understand is caused by poor quality media, and the other is synchronization of audio to video which I understand happens when you cut and edit.
Any thoughts or tricks of the trade would be helpfu. TIA


well basically many video fixers r available just google 4 em ne errors it will fix em up


To check mine, I just pop them into my Panasonic Standalone, run it up to the menu screen, and then skip chapters all the way through to ensure that it plays from start to finish. Takes about 5 minutes total. Or you can run Nero CDspeed test if your drive supports it, and check for PI/PIF errors.


Don’t slow the recording speed down, burn at the medias rated speed. The firmware writers optimise the code for the rated speeds & burning slower will probably give you worse burns. Look though the forum that relates to your burner paying attention to the disc quality scans. You’ll notice the high quality burns achieved at or above the rated speeds of the media.
Also do as Rob (harley2ride) suggests, at least until you are confident that your burns are good. Personally I scan all my DVD burns.


Tech, Harley and Tim, thanks for the help.
Where can I go to learn about scanning for pi/pif errors?


It depends on what kind of burner you have. You can try NERO CDSPEED and see if it works on your burner. The newest version is 4.0. All you have to do is run cdspeed, set scan speed to 8x, and perform the PI/PO test. Then post the results here (there is a little print screen icon in cdspeed), and we can help you look at it and explain what the results mean.


Harley, thank you, I currently have an Optorite 8X’s about year and half old. I am in process of upgrading and should have a nec 3540 on my doorstep today or tommorrow. I willl scan then let you know, thanks again.


You can obviously carry on with this thread or post a new one in the NEC forum. Why not have a look there under this thread , it might be informative.