Checking for cd skips

is anyone aware of a tool to check whether a CD skipped during ripping? I imagine a CRC check wouldn’t necessarily to the trick since skips might be uniform during read/verifying. Perhaps a semi-analog method of searching for skips in the audio?

Or am I just an idiot and there is a CRC check that will work well?

Oh, I think a CRC will do the trick very well,
because it is very unlikely that the same error
occurs twice. If you extract your files mutliple
times and compare them and there are no differences
you can be very sure that everthing went well.

You can use EAC for this.
It will generate CRCs both on reading and on testing the tracks.
Either compare the CRCs or extract the same track twice and compare
the resulting wave files.

In burst mode, “timing problems” will be shown in the log if the
read command took very long to succeed. This might be caused by
read errors, or caching problems (slow hdd, DMA disabled, etc.).
In the second case, there are no real problems to expect.