Checking Divx or xvid avi's

Dose anyone know of a program that quickly checks avi
for errors without having to veiw the movie manually?


DivFix can do this, but its not 100% certain that it will work as is should.
But most of the time it works for me.

I thought divfix couldn’t solve freezing issues though? I’ve got an xvid file with a major freezing problem and I can’t find anything to sort it out.

I’ve tried avidefreeze but that just quits as soon as you try and start it… :confused:

DivFix says itself that it cant find all problem. I find it finds many but not all.

For those persistant problem avi’s, I generally re-claim them by re-encoding in Nandub to DivX but click in Options/Preferences/AVI the box for “Ignore errors from shitty input decrompressors”. Works for me.

Just tried that on that particular AVI and nandub crashed when it got to the problem frame. :Z Back to the drawing board!

Thanks anyway.

Then use VirtualDUB or Nandub to actually cut out the bad section. 1/2 a second missing from a movie that plays is better than intact and unable to play fully.