Checking CDR's with Plextor Premium



Yesterday I was checking 2.5 year old Arita CDR’s to see if they were still OK. The Plextor Premium gave a lot of C1 errors + a bit of C2’s. Then I did a ‘read speed test’. In the beginning of the CD speed was less than 4X and very irregular, after a few minutes speed was OK and followed a perfect increasing speed line, and then the 5 last minutes of the CD dipped to an irregular 7X again.

So I was thinking: hmmm, this media is not so good. I also put it in my Toshiba DVD 1602 and did a read speed --> perfect read speed.

Now I compared this with a Plextor 48X media written at 32X with the Plextor media --> just a little C1’s and no C2’s. Speed read was perfect on the Plextor, however on the Toshiba it was ‘almost perfect’ (so the Toshiba could read the old Arita CDR’s better then the new Plextor ones).

Now my question is: Are the old Arita CDR’s really bad? Better/worse then the new Plextors? Or is it all because the old Arita’s where written with a Lite On, and nothing is wrong with them? Plextor maybe just writes the CD’s just a bit different in the beginning and at the end of a CDR?


The quality (or readability) of a disc is greatle dependent on the drive that does the reading.

Because the digital signal is modulated as analog variatons on the physical cd-r medium, the quality of the reading can vary quite a lot too.

Some drives are better at reading certain types of burns (i.e. certain media burned on a certain drive), while other drives excel on others.

For your Toshiba drive, the Arita discs are probably still in ok shape. For your Plextor they are not in equally good shape.

So, one should keep in mind that the disc read quality is drive dependent, although certain type of errors will become read errors regardless of what drive is used for reading (big enough scratches, holes, etc).

Did that help at all or confuse you more?


Good info Halcyon. :wink:


Originally posted by skaterboy

Now my question is: Are the old Arita CDR’s really bad?

The first discs I ever bought were a bunch of bulk Arita-Ritek discs in 1999.
I’ve never bought a Ritek again.

At least, I can say they haven’t got much worse with the time. They have, more or less, the same C2 errors they had long time ago, but they’re really sensitive to scratches.

Yes, I know they’ve improved a lot, but I won’t use them.