Checking Burn Quality with NEC 3500A



The NEC 3500A does not support PI/PIF. So how do other forum members obtain those 3500A “burn quality” charts?

I also have a Plextor 712A.



Using another drive to scan ?


Would that introduce some errors? Which tools would be best to use with the Plextor 712A to scan the burned media from the NEC 3500A drive?



No… that wouldn’t introduce errors… and use PlexTools for scaning on your Plextor… also check the Plextor forum :wink:


You could use Plextools, and second use CD-DVD Speed’s transfer rate test. If NEC 3500 can read the disc, the burn is OK.

EDIT: Quikee2 2 mins faster.




The reason I own the Liteon is for scanning. I have yet to find a 3500 burn that was less than perfect so I really have no reason anymore for the Liteon. It was left over from my Pioneer 107D.


Thanks for your inputs. The 3500A gives excellent burns with Taiyo Yuden discs and FW 2.18/bitsetting. However, I’d like to experiment with various firmware mods.

Got a good deal on the NEC last month (drive with 50 pack Fuji/TY -Rs) for $31 bucks after rebates.


where did you get this “deal”?


but the deal is over.