Check this out

Found this thought it was cool
this must have good compression

check it out its a 3d animation with sound

wow i just wasted 15 minutes caught up in that…but its great…

That was pretty good, thanks Krashin.

Cute that once in a while someone finds the demo again.:slight_smile:

All Farb-Raush demos :bow:

3d Demo’s are kewl…

To bad, there isn’t a demo scene like before on comodore 63. amiga etc…

Actually there is, but it’s elite (as in: for selected groups, people and persons and not for mainstream followers; which was the original definition of elite. Not meant as an insult whatsoever) If you’d go to the demo parties (see or you could actually witness c64 and atari st demo’s.

Fans of oldskool demos can also purchase the Mindcandy DVD which has some of the best demos of those years.

FR08 is a very impressive demo and was even more impressive in it’s day. If you are interested in more recent 64k demos and larger too visit

Wasn’t there some game that was like ~70kb and was fully 3D but you needed a top of the line computer (at the time) to run it?

There are some very impressive demos here im amazed at how so much information can be fitted into such a small file