Check these TTG02

Hi Guys,

I just brought a batch of TDK-R’s and they have been treating me badly for a while (check here - atrocious dun u think? I flashed back to BS41 for my 1633s and still they were poor at 8x. I found out the secret to burning this crap is to burn at 6x only - any other speed = bad burns. I all want you to judge this scan for me … see how it looks. To my eye - i would fetch more of these - but maybe you can give me some advice.


Thats a very good burn, my 812S doesn’t like TTG02’s either, but my 108 loves them even burns them @ 12x with no problems. I might have to try a 6x burn on the 812S to see if that turns out ok. :wink:

(Big W hey, how much for the 150)

Some of the TTG02 disk have high Tracking Error issue at outter track, that is why it can get good quality when write at high speed.

Oh - about $100 or thereabouts … I originally disliked them when i went to 1633@1653s CS09 … CS09 cannot cope with this disc at any speed = my 1633s BS41 will do good at 6x only, my nu-tech at 4x (with PI about 120 :(dissapointing:() I hope this helps someone :slight_smile:

@Pence.KO - do you have a BENQ drive? I noticed it may be a LITEON thing - because the burn seems to lose laser at the end and the dye looks less burnt and rippled at 8x - and with the Nu-Tech it is really off - the centre zone is really light, outer zone dark (ZCLV strat)