Check the Quality of a Burned DVD?



I’d like to know how to check the quality of a DVD after I’ve burned it. In the past I’ve had DVDs that skipped and had other problems. While I think I’ve fixed the cause of those problems (changed media and updated firmware), I’d still like to be able to go through some of the old DVDs that I burned and check to see if they’re up to par without having to watch them all.

Now I’ve made several attempts at this before, but I quickly get lost in talk about three different types of disk errors and the density of errors per block and how you have to make approximations and it’s ok to pass a certain threshold for awhile but not too often and to ignore the spikes, except for the spikes you’re not supposed to ignore and yadda yadda yadda (eyes glaze over).

Could someone please post a simple test that I can perform in order to determine if my DVDs are decent or not.

I know that it depends on equipment and I know there aren’t any hard and fast rules, but give me some kind of ballpark…it’s certainly beat my current ballpark of guessing that everything works and hoping for the best.



There are two simple tests that will catch most gross errors and give you a quick clue as to readability. The first is to use DVD Shrink to open the disc. This is a very quick read that I have found will often catch CRC errors and will slow down when the disc is harder to read because of errors. This takes about 2 minutes. The second takes a few more minutes; get CDSpeed and run the transfer test. This tests the drives ability to read the disc at high speeds and will often show a slow down as the drive encounters problems. The third test is Kprobe or some other scanning software. It only works on drives that support scanning (not NEC or ROM drives reliably). It takes much longer but will give you a report of the corrected errors (PI) and the uncorrected errors (PIF). These may or may not be really corrected depending on the DVD player they are played on eventually.