Check Sum error when running CCE and the tutorial



The last two divxs I’ve converted have produced check sum errors when running the CCE portion. Has anyone encountered this before. It gives me a prompt that shows the two unmatched hashes and if I press ok, it starts back over at what I presume to be an earlier save point. The first one that it happened to had it happen three times and the last one it only happened once. What are some frequent causes of this error?


Could be a myriad of problems, but usually it is in your computer configuration. RAM running too fast, OC’d too much, bad hard drives, gimped ATA drivers, etc. Does your memory pass memtest, and your computer pass at least 30 minutes of Prime95?



I’ll have to try prime95. I did some searching and found a patch that could be applied to cce that was supposed to fix that problem and it has seemed to. I don’t know if it really fixes it or just removes the error message though.


It just removes the error message. I’m not sure if you’ll notice anything wrong with the resulting movie, let me know.



The patch just removes the error and the resulting encode will have absolutely no problems. The patch is essential for AMD systems but also needed on Intel.


Help me please!!

I am getting CCE encoder errors when doing AVI to DVD but only on certain movies? Why Is this?..The majority run smoothly!

Here is the message that comes up…

cce encoder failed:error: video check-sum is different from that of previous pass.
sourse video data or time code may be different
please check video tape or the information file


current: checksum=041e1c64
previous: checksum=006b9400

Does the patch mentioned on this thread reffer to the above?
If so where can I download it from?

Thanks in advance,

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Originally posted by eurobomb
[B]Does the patch mentioned on this thread reffer to the above?
If so where can I download it from?

Thanks in advance,

resepcts… eurobomb

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Yes indead it does, you can d/l it from Doom9 DVD2SVCD Q&A Question 27 from


Excellent! Thanks for that C M


CCE has just finished processing my movie with the patch.
It did manage to prevent the error messages from poping up,but that’s about it,
As my Encoded_Video_CCE_PAL and Muxed folder will not play properly!
I get audio correctly,but the video side of it does not work, all I get is constant bright blue flashes in playback.
This must of happened during the CCE conversion as the movie can be watched as an AVI.
Any idea’s?


I can assure you the Patch has absolutley nothing to do with that.

I suspect CCE is using the wrong codec to decode the avi. What are the specs of the AVI as GSPOT reports them (serach for GSPOT in the forum). What divx codec have you installed?


The Following Video codec’s used on my PC are…

XVID MP4 codec ~ XVID codec-dec-300303

DIVX 5.0.5 bundle

K-Lite Codec pack v-2.03

I have not used the Nimco pack as its had alot of bad press!

The Spec’s of the AVI as GSpot report’s them are as follows…

size 700 MB (or 716,886 KB or 734,091,264 bytes)

Stream type-OpenDML AVI IMRR 1.00

I/L 1 vid frame (40 ms), p=480 Split: No

Code Name Contents
ISFT software VirtualDubMod 1.51
build 1639
JUNK (ASCII in junk " "
JUNK (ASCII in junk

Video Codec

4CC DX50/divx Name DivX 5.0
Stat = x2 compatable codec’s installed =divx decoder filter

Runtime: 01:35:21 (143,035 xy 640x448 (1.43:1) [=10:7]

Bitrate: 901 kb/s FPS: 25.000 Qf: 0.126 bits/pixel

Audio 0x0055(MP3) ID’d as MPEG-1 Layer 3
x3 Compatable Codec’s

Bitrate: 117 kb/s (58/ch, stereo) VBR Fs: 48000 Hz

  • Rendering was Successful !

I would be suprised If I had a moody Codec installed, as the majority of movies work perfectly with CCE, though I guess it is possible. It maybe that I dont have a codec installed for this AVI?



Thanks for that, nothing unusual there except for the K-Lite Codec pack. These codec packs seam to kill more systems than they cure, please uninstall and try again.


Your knowledge came up trumps once again! Cheers CM :smiley: :smiley:

I have been using GordianKnot.CodecPack.1.4 for a day or so with positive results, Getting to know what Codec’s not to use seems half the battle!

Thanks once again for your outstanding support,
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