Check out this benq scan



This one was read by a benq 1620 but written with a different drive. I burned it with my laptop. It actually plays on my standalone dvd player with no problems. How can this be?


lol Got me man. What brand of burner and f/w was it recorded with?


TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L532A was what it was burned on. Dont remember the firmware off the top of my head. But its weird that it will play on the home dvd player with a scan like that. Ive had 5 dvds that looked like that or worse but still play.


I’ve seen worse that play fine in my dvd players.


actually its the pif that matters more then pie and the pif is well with in spec other then one high spike. Also the jitter is under 15% so its in good range too.


Basically then nero cd/dvd speed isnt worth the time to scan if you can have disks this bad and they still play.


Its more a tool to tell which disc you are getting better results with.


Scanning the disc at 1x would provide much more useful info, since that’s the speed it’s getting read at.


well its ritek…benQ drives hates ritek…


Yeah, my liteon 1633 burns far better any ritek then my benq !!!


BenQ hates Ritek? Since when? I can burn RicohJPNR01’s with very pretty results - one of the best medias I have found for the BenQ actually outside of the 4x DVD+R Taiyo Yuden’s.


I didnt burn the riteks with the benq. I just read it.


Benq hates Ritek G04 at least, as you can see in some scans that were posted in this forum. I´ve posted one or two and they were nearly the better ones. I would always recommend to keep far from this media :frowning:


Not sure but arent PO Failures a really bad thing? Never had any of them at all.
Jitter average >10% appears quite high to me, too.

What drive did you write that DVD-R with?


I didnt write this with the benq 1620. I wrote it with TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L532A. It was only read on the benq.


I have used ritek G04 alot of times with my benq and never had any problems. The cd/dvd score was always around 95%. This scan that I posted was only read with the benq not written with it.


From my experiences (of 9 days!) with TS-H552B, I would just recommend you to write another of those DVD-Rs with the BenQ - or take one you burned with it - and scan again … and think of making copies of discs with that high POF rates with the BenQ.

I also have some DVD-R (Verbatim) I wrote with the H552B and my laptop had problems reading them - scans with the BenQ looked better than your scan, but bad anyway. I think the writing quality of those Toshiba/Samsung drives is “not really good” … at least.

Finding out about that and making better burns in the future surely was what you bought the BenQ for?


I normally dont write with my laptop but did cause i was out of town and away from my lovely benq writer. The benq loves my ritek g04 and almost any other disk i throw at it. The laptop wrote some disks when i first got it and they scanned great. I think it was some software that might have conflicted with the burner. Do you know where I might be able to update the firmware for my drive? Ive searched and searched but cant find any anywhere. Thanks in advance.


Firmware in laptop drives is a complicated topic afaik - my lappy only has a DVD-ROM drive from Toshiba and Toshiba offers no updates to OEM (its an Asus laptop) drives. I finally found 1717 fw (drive had 1709 before) on, flashed the drive and everything is ok.

I am pretty sure you will be able to find there what you need, if it exists. Be sure to read the instructions for that particular drive (example: for my laps 1709 fw I had to use another 17xx fw, but not a 19xx or so fw).