Check out the scan of my problem disk

I have a SOHW-1213 on WinXP Pro. This is the first DVD burn I have done. I created a multi-session disk. The first burn was about 2.2 gig and the second was the rest of the disk. It seems weird that at about the half-way point (when the second session starts) the problems skyrocket. Please take a look and advise.


Re-run KProbe but set the speed to 4x instead of MAX.

Ok here is the scan at 4x.

ritek media is unreliable but cheap as chips, i use them some times and never multi session even if its only 2gb.

your millage will always vary with Riteks i brought 2 tubs of G04`s at the weekend from the same shop 1 branded Ridisc they burn ok the other tub are datawrite and fail writing the leadin.

So I guess it is just the media I am using then? I got these free from Newegg.

Would ‘upgrading’ to a 1633 do any better?

Yes, it would. I’m not sure how much it would effect these particular disks, but in general, the newer 1633 firmwares improve the burning quality quite a bit.

I bought a pack of datawrite yellow v2 disks with Ritek g04 dye got really poor results, bought a pack of Traxdata Ritek g04 and they are the best discs ive burned to date brilliant