Check out the Mess on Casino Royale and The Holiday



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Works with Anydvd + Clonedvd or Clonecd, but . . . .


Terrific. More titles requiring RipIt4Me in order to use DVDShrink. And more titles my Lite-On SH-16A7S sata drive will refuse to even recognize or play.


You should be able to use Anydvd ripper to produce a movie only backup with Shrink–but certainly not a full disc backup.


I haven’t gotten these movies yet (not released yet where I’m at), but I’m confident that AnyDVD w/VOBBlanker ‘will’ custom-rip (Movie, Menus, & Extras only) these DVDs, and then you can use DVDShrink if you need to compress… :wink: :clap:


Coming next Tuesday here in the USA, I think:clap:


Auctally the release date for Casino Royale is March 13th. We should be getting our copies in the store on the 7th. I’ll try a burn ASAP.


ripit4me is beating anydvd lately. betcha it won’t need an update to copy the fully casino royale dvd.


As does not AnyDVD.


Well I did a test Rip/Burn on Casino Royale and The Holiday. Both did just fine. R1 full screen on both of them. AnyDVD CloneDVD


Casino Royale backed up with no problems using CloneDVD and AnyDVD V6.1.3.0, and I have read on another forum that all of next weels new releases are no problems either.:clap:


Does it strike anyone else as weird that is now showing no Arccos protection on Casino Royale? This is a Sony Pictures release, right?

Is Anydvd and Clonedvd2 still working for a full disc backup (with menus)?
I know Anydvd worked with Clonedvd.


Maybe AnyDVD wasn’t running with default settings?


Yeah, something’s not right with CoryThury’s status window. It’s not a bug in Anydvd. Something is the matter with either his reader or his Anydvd settings.


There are two versions of Casino Royale coming out. One is BLU-Ray and one is not . :slight_smile:


My test back-up was Casino Royale regular DVD (not BlueRay) Full Movie - both DVD’s with menus. No problems at all, I tried to back them up on BOTH Memorex DVD+R and TDK-R. Neither media had ANY problems with the back-up.

AnyDVD - CloneDVD


Hi :slight_smile:
CAPTAIN_JAMES Thanks for that info. Although I have to wait a while longer for this. :doh:


Gee want a job in my video store? :bigsmile:


Oh BTW, what I said about Casino Royale, goes for Holiday and ALL of next Tuesdays releases. None of the one I tested that will be comming out on the 13th had any problems that I found, using AnyDVD and CloneDVD.


I just tried Holiday using AnyDVD, CloneDVD and Nero Recode. When I got to Recode the main movie was “uncompressable”. So, I run the version that has already been through CloneDVD through again and there is now another big list of 0:00 titles.


Ugh. I just got done backing up both of those movies. Both are 7.95 GB and both go all the way from VTS_00 to VTS_99 (~300 files for both DVDs). I ran both through RipIt4Me in ISO mode, then did ISO rip in DVD Decrypter (with the imported protected sectors list), then ISO write to Verbatim double layer disc in image burn.