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check my site click here


:o :sunglasses:


I saw the introduction page but wheres the rest?


Runtime error line 12
Error: ‘;’ is expected

After entering (which indeed loads slowly) and skipping the intro, I get another error:
Runtime error
Line 7
Syntax Error

But it should be noted that this forum is not here for people to advertise their sites on, so in this case I assume you are asking for tips and such, or else you will be charged a fee for advertising :wink:

Furthermore, you should have said this was a Dutch site, after all, this is an English forum and a lot of people who read this forum can not read Dutch.


Sorry but I think it looks ugly :slight_smile: No offence, but it’s just not my taste…


The Apps selection is stolen from an other site!!!


sos dude but ur site is shit!
sos man just my taste it looks tacky!


IMO your page blows - hardcore.
It’s too childish, especially the 31337 speak. You’re not elite, and frankly, you never will be. I did, however, enjoy the flash movie, provided that you made it. If you wanna impress people (thats why most kids make web pages) go for a professional, sleek look.


Where did he go? LoL