Check it out: CDFreaks gear in Supreme Snowboarding

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hehe cool man! Good work.


Perfect this picture witch program do you made this picture.


Corel Photopaint & Compactdraw for editing and pasting the Club CDFreaks logo to the original game texture. And also for composing the screenshots to this one picture.

HyperSnap DX for making the screenshots.

ACDSEE 3.0 for picture testing/browsing/searching.

And Supreme Snowboarding (greatest game ever) ofcourse!

cool !

thanx guys! Ya know, this was just a 5 minute job! But I´m working on something BIG right now…this was just a little preview!

Anyone knows any great cheats for this kick ass game?
And is it possible to download new characters to this kickass game?

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>Anyone knows any great cheats for this kick ass game?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Yeah, I got these from . You can enter them anywhere in the game and you´ll here some kind of noise when the cheat is accepted.

siipiveikkoliitelee = Enable Hard Tracks
lee = Enable Hard Tracks
hiihtoope = Enable New Rider (Guide)
ope = Enable New Rider (Guide)
imhotepmaailmojentuhoaja = Debug Mode (Press E During Game)
seivaavideograbbi = Take a Screenshot
exterminaattori = Unknown

Activate All Levels
First open up the /Saved_Data/ map in your “Supreme” folder.
Then open up “Avaiable_Levels.txt” and change the offsets to:


Save and exit that file.
Then open up “Defaults.txt”.
Change the line that says:

available_tracks = 3;
available_tracks = 7;

Activate All Boards
Go to your directory where the game is and go to the folder \saved_data. Open the file: Available_Boards.txt. Change what you find to this:


<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>And is it possible to download new characters to this kickass game?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Well, not from the developers themselfes. You can find some new boards and clothes at . And like I said before…I´m working on something big.

And when will that be done?
And will you put it on the web?

Probably the end of this month, I’m not sure cuz I’m so f!#*king busy right now, it drives me crazy.