Check DVD structure


I have just burned a DVD with CloneDVD las version (registered). In the process, I have relocated a vob file to another folder, so CloneDVD has burned it without this vob and without any complain, so I finally ended with an incorrect DVD. Can be added some type of DVD structure checking before burning in CloneDVD?

No comments?

Just re-backup from your original DVD movie.


Yeahp, but the real problem is that CloneDVD is not aware of an incomplete DVD structure and you end with and invalid DVD. DVDshrink does (sorry for the comparison) and alert you about that.

CloneDVD does the same, unless you use “write existing data”. DVDShrink doesn’t have this option (as it doesn’t “burn”).

Yes, the problem arises when using the “write existing data” option. DVDShrink does it: when you open DVD files it check them before compiling the ISO.

I recently had this same issue making a backup of an older title, Soldier (US region - widescreen)

I confirmed it was an issue with AnyDVD. Always make sure you have downloaded the current version. The guys at Slysoft do react fairly quickly at updating & correcting their software.

Definitely join the Slysoft forums and post errors with the disc you are buring, region, etc. This helps them tweak & adjust as necessary.

Happy burning :slight_smile: